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A living archive of the Supreme Court of India
The Supreme Court Observer aims to build a non-partisan open-access database of the Supreme Court's contribution to our everyday lives, through daily reporting on selected cases. The Observer emphasises simplicity and clarity.
How is the website organized?

About the Court

Introduction to the SCI's jurisdiction, procedures and history, as well as a legal glossary of commonly used legal terms.



Non-partisan reporting and analysis of landmark cases before the Supreme Court of India (SCI). Every tracked case includes:

  • Case Background - description of the case, with a focus on the key constitutional issues
  • Written Submissions - Pleadings and Affidavits
  • Oral Arguments - live coverage of all oral arguments
  • Orders - Judgments and Interim Orders
  • Plain English Summaries - Judgments explained in layperson's terms



Biographies of sitting and select retired SCI Justices, including an analysis of their judicial output.


Court Data

Insightful statistical nuggets to illustrate and evaluate the SCI's output.


The Desk

Analysis of key legal and administrative developments, ranging from curated 'must reads' to historical overviews of legal doctrine.

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The Team
Sudhir Krishnaswamy
Gauri Kashyap
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Mihir Rajamane
Ayushi Saraogi